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Online Giving

Giving to support the ministry of Sandhills Community Church is now easier than ever! You can choose to make a one time donation, or you can set up a recurring scheduled gift. Just log in to your Sandhills account and click on the giving tab to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would I want to give online?

Security and convenience make online transactions an increasingly popular means of donating to an organization. Plus, your ministry enjoys administrative savings (manual check processing and record keeping add up in a hurry). You also can take advantage of the discipline that recurring donations can provide for your giving.

How do I get started giving online? 

  • Log in to http://sandhillschurch.elexiopulse.com.
  • Select My Giving. In this area you can
    • Make a new donation
    • Setup a recurring donation (and manage existing recurring donations)
    • View your Giving History

Is my online giving secure?

Yes. Every transaction is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same industry-standard encryption trusted for online commerce with world-class financial organizations.

When will the transaction go on my account?

You set the date when you want your card charged.

Can I use an e-check for my donation? 


Can I give as little or as much as I want? 

Donations must be a minimum of $5.00 and there are no limitations on the maximum amount.

Why is using my checking account better for my church?

When you allow your gift to be withdrawn directly from your checking account, the church is charged a transaction fee of 50 cents. When you use your credit/bank card, there is an additional fee of 3-5% of the amount given, that is charged to the church. For every $1,000 given, this is an extra $30-$50 that the church never receives. The savings really add up!

What about using my credit card?

Although many people conduct on-line transactions using credit cards, we prefer that you give using a debit card.  It’s not God’s desire, nor is it Sandhills Community Church’s desire, to encourage His people to increase personal debt in order to contribute to a church.

What if I make a mistake and need to have a completed transaction reversed? 

Contact the church office immediately so your situation can be handled appropriately. 

Refund And Privacy Policy

Your information is held securely by Elexio Financial Processing Services. This information will remain private and will never be given away to third parties, other than to process your scheduled contributions.

You can schedule new contributions at any time and can modify or cancel those contributions at any time prior to the date they are scheduled. Once the contribution has been processed, however, it cannot be cancelled. If you have any problems or questions related to this, please contact us at (803) 699-7112.