2020 giving statements

Please read the entire page before contacting the church office.  

2020 Annual Giving Statements are delivered in this way: 

1 -  Primarily via e-mail; they were sent out on 1.29.21 and the sender

      will be our giving company, PushPay.  If you think we might have the wrong e-mail          please contact the church office by clicking here.  Please note - because PushPay 

      sends many e-mails at one time, your e-mail server may think that the message is

      spam or junk.  Please check these folders for an e-mail from PushPay before

      contacting the church office.  It is also possible that, due to server filters, your e-

      mail provider may not allow the message to go through at all, in which case we are

      happy to re-send your statement. 

2 - If we do not have an e-mail address, but we do have a mailing address on file, your         statement was mailed on 1.29.21.  If we have neither, you statement is in the                 Business Office.  They are in sealed envelopes and in alphabetical order. 


Why am I getting more than one statement? 

The giving platform that we use, PushPay, is aligned with most financial servicing companies in the 'best practice' of tracking contributions per individual, rather than per family.  Our procedure is to list the giving under the name of the person that is listed first on the check.  

If more than one person in a family gives, for example if the spouses have separate checking accounts, the family will receive one statement for each giver.  

My statement is missing some of my contributions; where are they? 

If all of your contributions are not appearing on one statement, it is probable that your spouse has contributions on his or her statement.  This can happen even if your spouse did not sign the check; since we cannot always read the signature on a check, our current procedure is to post all contributions to the person whose name is first on the check.  Please have your spouse check his or her e-mail. 

If you still do not see all of your contributions, please contact the church office here. We will need the date and the amount of any missing contributions to research the issue and correct if for you. 

Can I see my contributions online?

If you have an online account with PushPay, then you can see your online giving there. However, if you also contribute by cash or check, you may not be able to see these. If you would like to set up an online account, click here.  You can give once, as you like, or set a schedule.  Remember, if you set up your giving as a bank draft, rather than using a credit or debit card, the church will receive more of your donation. 

If you have further questions, please contact the church office at 803.699.7112 x114, or office@sandhillschurch.org