Our Mission

Leading people to live Christ-centered lives. 

There are many great churches in our city, and each of them has specific characteristics that give them their own unique culture and identity. In addition to what we believe, there are a few distinctive attributes of Sandhills Community Church that we consider an important part of defining us as a church.

What Defines Us


Biblically Grounded


The Bible is the Word of God. As such, it is the ultimate authority upon which we base who we are and how we live as followers of Jesus Christ. At Sandhills we focus not only on accurate teaching and application of biblical principles, but also on equipping each believer to be a good student of the Bible.


ONE Church


We believe there is ONE church in Columbia (the Body of Christ) comprised of many congregations. We intentionally pursue relationships, and partner, with other like-minded ministries in our community for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


Outwardly Focused 

The good news of Jesus Christ has the power to transform lives, families, communities, and nations. We are committed to actively engaging the world outside our walls with the gospel. We also strive to equip Christ-followers for their work in communicating the grace of God.


Modern Expression

Most churches have a preferred style of expression that influences everything from architecture to lighting to song selection. Our style is purposefully modern in an effort to reach as many as possible within our modern context.


Intentionally Diverse


God created the human race with a beautiful spectrum of diversity and we strive to reflect that back to Him as a part of our corporate identity and worship. Our congregation is comprised of a broad cross-section of races, ages, social classes, and ethnicities.


Culturally Relevant 

We believe the Bible speaks to every generation. We do not shy away from difficult issues that affect our lives and society. We routinely address current issues from a biblical and practical perspective.



Humor, laughter, enjoyment, and fun are part of God's design of the human race. We incorporate humor and fun into our approach to ministry and the life of this church.

Our denomination.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) was founded by Arthur Benjamin Simpson, who was a popular church leader of his day. 

The C&MA is combination of two groups founded in 1887:

1.  The Christian Alliance - a group of non-denominational churches devoted to the cause of missions; and 

2.  The Evangelical Missionary Alliance - a non-demonitional missionary organization. 

Here are some facts about the C&MA:

  • Incorporated formally as a denomination in 1974

  • Currently has 2000 churches in the USA

  • Is even bigger overseas, predominantly in South America and Africa

  • Conservative, evangelical denomination

  • Logo stands for 'Christ our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King

  • Doctrinally takes stances on those area where Scripture is definite (e.g., salvation through Christ alone, the Bible as the Word of God, the Trinity), with freedom in other areas (e.g., Calvinism or Aminianism)

The C&MA does not ordain women, though it does consecrate them for ministry. The spiritual leadership of women is positively affirmed in the C&MA.  Women may serve in almost any capacity other then pastor or elder (Titus 1:6, Romans 16:1). More information about the C&MA can be found at the Guest Services desk in our lobby, or click the link below for their website. 

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