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Change the World
Through Kindness Outreach

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Below is the shopping list for the good News Care Packages we have put together, along with the purchase links. In addition to the items listed below, we also include a $5.00 fast food gift card, a Sandhills Invite Card, and a personal note of encouragement with a Bible verse. With everything listed below, these bags costs about $15.00 each to make. You may want to consider making the care bags with a friend or your small group.  Thank you for sharing the Gospel and showing the love of Christ in a practical way through kindness outreach in our community.

Gallon Size Plastic Zipper Storage Bags


Approx. Cost: $9.22 for a box of 60

High Visibility Safety Vest

Approx. Cost: $22.99 for a pack of 10

Toothbrush with cover

Approx. Cost: $29.95 for 100

Fig Bars (16 Blueberry, 16 Raspberry)

Approx. Cost: $12.18 for 32 - 2 oz bars

NLT Outreach Bible

Approx. Cost: $2.79 each

Flushable Personal Wipes

Approx. Cost: $24.00 for 24 packs of 14


Approx. Cost: $44.95 for 144 - 1.5 oz tubes

Foil Mylar Rescue Blanket

Approx. Cost: $11.84 for10

Facial Tissues

Approx. Cost: $17.36 for 72 packs of 9

Bottled Water

Approx. Cost: $5.96 for 40 -16.9 oz bottles

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