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Resources for Personal Spiritual Growth

Our mission is to help you grow in your faith, regardless of where you are in your relationship with Christ. Below are resources to help you grow, depending on where you are in your journey.

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I believe in God, but I am not sure about Christ. My faith is not a significant part of my life.

Suggested Resources

Close to Christ (1).png

I feel really close to Christ and depend on Him daily for guidance.

Suggested Resources

New in Your Faith.png

I have recently placed my faith in Christ and I am learning what it means to follow Him.

Suggested Resources

Christ Centered (1).png

My relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in my life. It guides everything I do.

Suggested Resources

Growing in Christ (1).png

I believe in Jesus and am working on what it means to get to know Him

Suggested Resources

Discipleship Contact     (1).png

We are happy to help! Please contact Pastor Tom Mederios or his assistant, Merrilee Pace.


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