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For Middle & High School Students
Every Sunday 5:00 - 7:30pm

We're absolutely devoted to our students EXPERIENCING who Jesus is and GROWING in their relationship with Him. We're an inclusive group that loves to learn about Jesus and how we can apply His teachings to our lives.

Diversity Students

What We Value

Hang Out Time


Students get to hang out while eating pizza and playing games like ping pong, football, basketball and more. 

Group Games


We typically play a group game or an upfront game to have some fun and get things going.

Session Time


Our time to gather and play and sing music, watch videos and learn about God's plan for our lives.

Break-out Groups


After session time we divide up into smaller groups to explore what we just learned or discussed.

Camps & Retreats


Throughout the year there are various camps and retreats that Vertical 612 is involved in. It's a great chance to get away, learn about Jesus, and develop friendships



We encourage students to be involved in serving opportunities within the church and our community. 


11.16 - 11.18.18

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